Things never really go out of style, and if they do, sometimes a simple fabric or colour change can breathe new life into anything.


We have been searching through our current inventory to pick out the ideal pieces for refurbishment and reinvention. Our upholsterers can restore classic furniture to new by tracking down perfectly matched, period-specific fabric design or give them a whole new life with modern fabrics and bright finishes to suit a variety of décor styles.  The whole furniture team are enjoying this process. It’s fun and allows us to work out our design muscles; and it’s allowed us to modernize and expand our furniture rental choices in a cost-effective way.  Here’s one of our favourite examples; our signature three-seater sofa. A simple fabric change has completely updated and reinvigorated an existing piece!

Whatever your event styling, furniture or interior design needs, with the Evolution team’s drive to keep our collection up to date and on-trend, you can be sure we’ll be able to offer you a unique range of options to suit your style.


Annalize van Rooyen
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