innovates to
experience centres We create experience centres which communicates company vision, compliments history and promotes your future.
DIGITAL INTERACTIVES Our digital creative team can enhance, complement or create environments that immerse you into the cyber-world
award winning
MODULAR BUILDINGS Custom made structures, designed and delivered to your exact requirements.
visitors centres We understand how visitor centres should flow, we tell stories to the public keep them engaged and moving around the environment
inspiring new
innovation centres Our innovation centres help your organisations promote new ideas, altering your perspective, encourage you to create and educate.

EVOLUTION Experiences


We are the specialist Turnkey-Interior-Fitout Division of Evolution, we create, transform or customise, permanent or semi-permanent environments


What WE DO

We design and build interior spaces, delivering immaculate turnkey fit-outs, with over 25 years of the very highest industry experience, our teams of Creative Designers, Project and Technical Managers can transform your space into a destination.
Delivering excellence, we are culturally connected, fearlessly creative, and endlessly innovative, we challenge conventional thinking to create unparalleled experiences.



We can create an experience centre which, captures the very essence of what your organisation has to offer. We take you on a journey, tell you a story, invite you in and display your offerings graphical, digital and interactive. Using the latest in innovation, design and technology, we can design and build your experience centre, and give your guest an unforgettable adventure.



Our digital creative teams are at the forefront of technology, we can bring the digital world in your space, enhancing and complementing an existing environment. Using our internal technical teams and our globally recognised digital storytelling partners, we can create bespoke software and hardware solutions to interact with your existing content, and we can design install and maintain your Audio-Video systems, so they are always active and ready to be used.



Our award-winning Events teams are, very experienced erecting modular structures, we are now taking that offering one step further.
We can design, install and maintain, bespoke modular buildings, including interior design and turnkey fit-out to your exact requirements.



Understanding the clients requirements is key to a productive visitors centre. Our experienced teams of creative designers and project managers can take your ideas and make it a reality. Creating a balance between and engaging immersive experience and a journey that flows is where our teams excel. We understand how the public behaves in a visitors centre, dwell times, interactive engagement times, all of this is considered and designed into the complete Visitor Centre Experience.



An innovation centre, space which inspires a new idea, creatives change in your understanding, makes you view your situations from a different perspective. Evolution excels in innovation, it's at the very heart of our creative organisation, change is often also viewed as the application of better solutions that meet new requirements. An Evolution Innovation Centre changes the “norm” we inspire, innovate and create the space.

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