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Event Planning


Evolution develops and coordinates original event concepts tailored to each project's specific style, function and format. We are problem solvers who enjoy a challenge and are always interested in how to come up with a solution to your requirements.



Our team of experienced project managers assess each detail and component of an event to come up with solutions that are true to the personality of the client. We work on projects as small as customised products all way up to citywide festivals. No matter the project we are with you from the moment the first idea is sketched on a napkin, all the way through to when the lights shine on the stage.
No matter the project we are with you from the moment the first idea is sketched on a napkin all the way through to when the lights shine on the stage.


Our process

step by step

Our team of experienced project managers assess each detail and component of an event at its outset, evaluating our client's requirements and determining optimal solutions.


Feasibility Studies

A project is only worth doing if it is guaranteed to succeed at its goals. We love getting into the details to sort out what works and what doesn't to give you a clear picture of the outcome at the very beginning.


Concept Development

Our team works hand-in-hand with our internal design department to visualise concepts and detail out content that is tailored to your event.



We don't just plan, we produce. Our hands-on approach to production means that the same people who are planning your event are overseeing the delivery on-site.


TAG LINES "A goal without a plan is just a wish."
Production Services

Project Management


We pride ourselves in being as capable in a meeting room discussing creative, as we are on-site overseeing installation. .



Our project management team have an in-depth understanding of the culture and protocols of the region and extensive experience working with protocol and security teams for high profile visitors, attending dignitaries and, heads-of-state. From direct protocol to ensuring the design and layout of an event includes all necessary preparations and safeguards to accommodate VIP guests, we understand the complexity and gravity of the task.

Built to last

Individually built for you

Every project is unique in its scope and we address each new inquiry with a fresh approach tailored to your needs. No job is too big or too small and we will immediately inform you of the best course of action for your requirements.



Our team is exceptionally agile. We are able to turn around projects with very short leads times by quickly mobilising our internal departments and setting out clear milestones and deadlines. No matter the obstacles give us a call and we'll try to work out the best solution for your situation.



For projects that span weeks, months or years, we have staff available to manage your requirements. We create programs and phase plans to keep you aware of the projected work plan far into the future. Efficiency is our main focus for long-term projects and we always take time to work with you to streamline the process to be as lean and effective as possible.



We have the capabilities to facilitate permanent installations for museums, visitor centres, retail fit outs and interior decor. Please contact our Experiences Department for more information on these services.

TAG LINES "Plan your work and work your plan."

Production Management

Evolution's team has an of array specialist skills within event production management. With backgrounds covering MICE and pharma, live evnts, activations all the way through to Rock & Roll means we’re able to provide you with an experienced team to work with you every step of the way. whatever the challenge.



Along with our experience comes the knowledge that projects , large or small, require a dedicated approach. We implement this attitude for every event type: from gala dinners and awards nights, to conferences with each event’s uniqueness being recognised throuout the production and delivery phases. Evolution over the last fifteen years has had the honour to have been involved behind the scenes on some of the largest, most technically challenging projects staged within the GCC region.


Event Operations


Expert operations contingency planning and delivery makes all aspects of an event flow together seamlessly. We connect the dots between every service and stakeholder on site to make sure it all happens like clockwork.


Quality and Efficiency

For projects of any scale which require dedicated operations planning, our team can be deployed to oversee all logistics for both front and back of house. This includes management of all site works, transportation, health and safety, wayfinding plans, and F&B requirements. As always we will keep you up to date on the progress of all of these elements in clear and concise scheduling documents.
Evolution’s dedicated guest management team handpick hostesses and ushers for their professionalism, attitude and experience and then train them in the specific details of the event.

seen and unseen

We cover all the bases

Nothing is left to chance with our team of operations experts who organise everything from the guest journey to the back of house facilities. We work hard to remove as many barriers to your guests' positive experience as possible.


Back of House

Our back-of-house ops managers ensure that all technical, site, HSE, venue and stage management teams are in precise synchronisation. We set up shop in a discreet location on-site and maintain order while providing regular updates via the lead project manager. Depending on the project we can also provide complete administrative support on-site including accounting and accreditation services.



We have strict operations procedures for any point of the event that requires the movement of guests as any wait or uncertainty can quickly sour an event for attendees. This includes entrance, egress, badge distribution and room management. Additionally we oversee cleaning services and general help staff to ensure your event is today and your guests are well informed.


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