Protocol liaison

Protocol Liaison


We take special care when events include high profile attendees. Our experience with protocol management extends from Royal guests to international Heads of State and, international dignitaries.


Working with
High Profile Guests

Our production management team have an in-depth understanding of the culture and protocols of the region and extensive experience working with protocol and security teams for high profile visitors, attending dignitaries and heads-of-state.
From direct protocol to ensuring the design and layout of an event includes all necessary preparations and safeguards to accommodate VIP guests, we understand the complexity and gravity of the task.


TAG LINES "Plan your work and work your plan."
Prestigious Moments


We know how to go the extra distance when VIP guests are involved and take all necessary precautions and actions to make sure their experience is seamless.



We know how important it is to manage the guest journey of high-level individuals in a way that is intentional and curated to give them the experience that fits their schedule, and expectations. A detailed itinerary will be provided to the protocol team of all VVIP guests to clearly illustrate their path though the space.


Custom Built Majlis

We decorate and service majlis areas for VVIP guests to use during an event for privacy. Should a majlis space not be available within the venue, we have the capabilities to construct temporary high-end facilities as well. Also, we make sure that executive meeting rooms are secured and scheduled for discussions and closed door sessions that may take place during and event.


Awards & Signings

We facilitate significant moments including award presentations, signings, speeches, agreements and MOUs. We know these moments are important and only happen once. So to put your mind at rest we will show you what the photo will look like before it is taken by rendering the environment in 3D to ensure the framing is perfect, and the setup is compliant for every stakeholder involved.


TAG LINES "Customers may forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel."

Guest Management


Our team ensures the delivery of an impeccable standard of the guests experience and hospitality throughout all of our events. We outline the profiles of all guests who will attend and make sure the event experience meets and exceeds their expectations.


Every interaction matters.


We map out the guest experience from the moment an attendee first learns about an event all the way through their departure. During their journey it is our goal to make sure that every interaction is smooth, welcoming and punctuated with unexpected pleasant surprises.
Evolution’s dedicated guest management team handpick hostesses and ushers for their professionalism, attitude and experience and then train them in the specific details of the event.

Guest Experience

It really is a Journey

There are countless pieces that make up a quality guest experience. We put them all together and make sure each one compliments the next.



For events with invitees from abroad who need support with their travel arrangement we can enlist our team of trusted flight and transfer specialists to map each attendee's path to their destination. We identify each pick-up and drop-off point for every delegate and get them from home to airport to hotel, to venue and back.


Accreditation & Hosts

Smooth and uninterrupted badging is so often a make-or-break for the guest experience of an event. We plan our badge and queuing systems to calculate time-per-guest registration and work out the required number of staff to ensure every attendee has entered the space with time to spare for a coffee and chat before the main event.



An event does not need to be constrained by the boundaries of the venue or time of the sessions. Often we plan trips and experiences that occur outside of the main event program for guests who want a deeper dive into the culture and offerings of the UAE. Evolution will organise transport, guides and special remote activations that complement the content of your event.



Each attendee to your event is unique and the guest experience should reflect this. On every project we take time to plan a number of key touch points that make the audience feel acknowledged and appreciated. From simple greeting cards placed on seats to personalised digital experiences, we will find a way to make your guests feel special.


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