Commissioned by Jack Morton Worldwide, Evolution delivered a stunning turnkey triple deck stand for Adidas at the annual Sole DXB Festival. Based on an innovative TSG hybrid structure we created richly detailed interiors and a show-stopping exterior that drew crowds throughout the festival.

The stand immersed visitors in the gritty inner-city world of London’s Underground system.

The ground level shop brought them into a fully realized section of tube tunnel where retail displays blended seamlessly with urban architecture. The life size Victoria Line train which dominated the 1st floor housed a chic and lively Bar (complete with DJ), while the 2nd level viewing deck allowed guest to chill whilst taking in the vista below and provided VIP viewing for the live performances on the festival’s main stage. Crowning the stand was a giant 3D, foliage covered billboard, displaying the classic Adidas Superstar shoe.

EVOLUTION prioritizes the safety of our structures. Careful planning of materials and methodology including all STAAD Analysis requirements for Municipality approval gives us the ability to maximize efficiency in execution and delivery. Combined with our class leading finishing we deliver knock-out projects every time!