When we were asked to build and manage Ideas festival and Forum we jumped at the chance. With a fun concept in one of the worlds most prestigious university grounds for a world recognized client. We just couldn’t say no.
The festival and forum were vastly different in vibe.

The festival had a family feel with big oversized signs to greet the public as they entered. These where made from stacked timber framed boxes with led light and branded detail. These were simple but due to the quantity, size and different layouts It was a challenge putting them all together in the right order. Luckily, we had planned well for this and had coded plans and piece’s to guide us.
As well as these huge signs we made many other elements from entrance counters, custom tables for workshops, cool wavy shaped bookshelves, and giant origami decorative pieces.
The center point of the festival was the main stage. We designed and built simple, functional, and great looking side wings and screen surrounds as well as providing the basic stage facias, flooring and steps. Finally, for the festival we had an internal talks stage that we stacked the timber framed boxed and beautiful natural wooden cladding around the venues own in-house projection screen. To make this work our measurements needed to be accurate to the mm as if it was slightly out in any way, we may have damaged the screen or visually it would look uneven and incorrectly framed.
The Forum whilst still having the cool clean design elements was a lot more corporate.


The full height stage was made to fill the room to give grandeur to the set. This was made from solid scenic flats joined and filled and painted with the highest level of care, so the surface was fit for stage lighting and projection. Its extremely difficult to get an absolute seamless join with no light highlighting any joins, fills or touch ups so our team did an excellent job.
We had great fun making all the over sized pieces for The Festival and Forum and we were very happy with the final finish.