Fabrics + Drapery

Fabrics & Drapery


Our experience covers all aspects of textile application for the events industry, including fixed installations, upholstery, stage fabrics and automation. Our warehouse is filled with a wide range of drapery and soft-finishing solutions, meticulously cared for and provided in pristine condition.


Rental Fabric/Drapes


We stock an extensive range of fabrics ranging from molton, wool serge, voiles to stage velvets in standard drops and selected colours.


Cyclorama & Gauzes


Evolution provides comprehensive rental stock of pre-finished canvas cycloramas and gauze in a range or colours and finishes. Our technical fabric specialists can also help advise you on the surface that best suits the effect you are trying to create.


Custom Fabrics


We offer customisation of standard and specialist fabrics for kabuki drops, reveals, projected backdrops, swipes and other event applications.


Projection Screens


Evolution carries an inventory of projection surfaces to suit all applications. Front or rear projection, we can match gain and finish to your environment. We also have the accessories to install them for any specification and make your content pop.


Shade Netting


Perenially versatile and an "essential event 101" for the region, we've got shade net for all purposes.



Pipe & Drape


Save time and space by using EasyDrape instead of a truss to hang drapes up to 5 meters high. Fast, clean and versatile, this is truly the most efficient way to transform any space to your requirements.


Fabric Installations


Our experienced and diligent drapery team provides a wide range of installation services for standard rental stock and customised fabric solutions.


Truss Covering


Easy and effective. Our truss covers can be used to make it simply disappear or add striking effects when combined with Evolution's technical lighting solutions.

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