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T-LMH-05 - Robe Robin BMFL Blade

Robe Robin BMFL Blade
The Robe BMFL Blade has four fast shutter blades with smooth and precise movement, individually angled and positioned, rotates to 90 deg. the per programmed shapes and movement sequences of blade and gobo images can be trimmer or framed in any regular, triangular, trapezoid shapes the blades are set opposing to give a complete blackout if needed. The fixture has two gobo wheels - one rotating with 6 slots and lock gobo position + other with 8 static gobos which can be combined with the onboard animation wheel to create a dynamic effect. it has a EMS technology function, uses a 1700 W Osram lamp with output @250,000 lux and a 5∞ - 55∞ zoom range.
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