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T-LMH-06 - Robe Robin BMFL Spot

Robe Robin BMFL Spot
The Robe BMFL Spot Produces a powerful 250,000 lux@5 meters range. This combined with a refined optical system, 5 - 55 degree zoom, results in a crisp, high quality fat beam that is truly homogenised and without a hotspot. There are also two colour wheels which include filters that can be utilised to adjust colour temperature and improve the CRI ( CRI of 92+) of the white output, 2 rotating gobo wheels each with six slot & lock gobo positions. The fixture uses a 1700 W OSRAM Lok-it! HTI 1700/PS lamp with a zoom rang of 5∞ - 55∞. The BMFL Spot is a signature light source for any project.
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